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Welcome to Doggiecook.com

Here at Doggiecook.com we have compiled a list of homemade dog food recipes, all of which have been reviewed by veterinarians. Many of our recipes are easy to make and offer great alternatives to commercially produced pet foods.
To find a recipe for your dog, simply search our web site using an ingredient’s menu or a sick dog conditions menu. At Doggiecook you will find a healthy dog food that fits your pet’s individual needs.
Wholesome homemade dog food has many benefits, and by making your pet’s meals, you can ensure he or she is eating only the freshest ingredients and no additives, preservatives or artificial colors. Fresh and healthy meal everyday equals long and happy life for your dog.

Recipe for dog with cancer

Creamed cottage cheese 450g
Whole large egg 50g
Milk 2% with Vitamin A 120g
Large potato cooked with skin 300g
Honey one tbsp. 20g
Rapeseed oil two tsp. 8g

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homemade eggs

Most popular homemade dog food recipe

Good boy

homemade chicken ragu150 g - Ground beef 80/20%
1 cup - Chopped frozen broccoli
2 - Carrots
2 cups - Cereals
2 - Chicken legs
3 cups- Cooked brown rice
10 Oz - Frozen spinach chopped
1 pinch - Salt

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Turkey choice

150 g - Ground turkey
2 1/2 cups - Brown rice cooked
250 g - Broccoli frozen
2 tbs - Olive oil
1 pinch - Salt

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Homemade recipe for dogs with bladder stones

Chicken breast 150g
Hard boiled egg 50g
Rice cooked 500g
Yeast extract spread 6g
Butter salted 14g

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Healthy no cooking dog treats

Many times we reach to our refrigerator to find a treat for our pets. But do we make the best decision? Do we really choose great, healthy and nutritious treat for our dog?

Lets choose treats from products we can find daily in our home, but only those that will give maximum of benefits to our pooches. Plus do not forget - carrots have calories too.... find more

Dietary management of a sick dog

Has your dog been feeling under the weather lately? An ill dog has different dietary needs than a healthy one. Make sure you select the right homemade food for your sick dog. Dog health problems are a serious issue and should be treated accordingly. One of the best ways to help ill dog is to ensure he or she is receiving the right quantities of nutrients. Fresh homemade diets for sick dogs will provide nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed to recover quickly. More diets here








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