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Homemade dog food for dogs with urinary bladder stones

Food recipes for dogs with struvites, oxalates and urates

Dog bladder stones are a common health issue for many canines. In many cases, diet is the main factor that causes this health condition. Understanding what dog bladder stones are will help pet owners to know how to prevent them. Minerals that are excreted through kidneys in the urine accumulate in urinary bladder and can form crystals. Dog bladder stones are building over time from crystals lodged in urinary bladder. Diet may accelerate bladder stone formation in the dog by affecting urine concentration, acidity and mineral load. Many veterinarians will recommend treating this problem through diet modification. Some dog bladder stones, such as magnesium stones, that have already developed can be removed completely through changes in diet.


In many cases, a veterinarian will advise on special prescription diet to help prevent stones build up in urinary bladder. Pets that already have magnesium stones may be treated with a specific diets such as Royal Canin SO or Hills Prescription Diet S/D that will help dissolve existing dog bladder stones, as well as prevent future accumulation of crystals.


Some pet owners dealing with this health problem have turned to homemade dog food to treat and prevent dog bladder stones. Recipes presented here have been created with your pet’s health in mind. The recommended diet will vary depending on which specific dog bladder stones have formed. Prior to deciding on a diet that will help you dog, consult a veterinarian. A trained professional can inform you on which type of bladder stones your dog has and help you determine the nutrition requirements for particular condition.

Alternative and good option is to combine a commercial and homemade dog food. Try to find a food for dog bladder stones that your dog likes and occasionally enhance your pet’s meals by including a homemade recipe every so often. The diet should by high in both moisture and sodium.  In healthy canines, high sodium will help prevent urine super saturation and will promote urination.  An ideal meal for pets that are a high risk for dog bladder stones should include a moisture content of about 70%. Water can also be added to help further saturate the meal.


Recipe 1

Chicken breast 150g
Hard boiled egg 50g
Rice cooked 500g
Yeast extract spread 6g
Butter salted 14g

Recipe 2

Veal shoulder 400g
Beef minced meat 400g
Rice cooked 400g
Wheat bran 50g
Tomato 25g
Canola oil 25g

Recipe 3

Rice white 431g
Egg large 49g
Oil vegetable 27g
Calcium carbonate 1.2g
Salt substitute KCL 1.2g



All homemade food recipes for sick dogs are provided as general information to help you understand and formulate healthy meals for your dog. Guidelines were used when creating each recipe and should also be reviewed by your veterinarian prior to changing your dog’s diet. Always consult a veterinarian before starting your dog on any new diet. Adjustments may need to be made to guarantee your pet receives the correct quantities of vitamins and minerals.






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