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Homemade food for dogs with skin allergy

Food recipes for dogs allergy


Dog allergies are a common issue for pet owners. Purebred dogs tend to be at a higher risk for this health condition; however mixed breeds are not exception. Whether your pet suffers from serious or mild allergies, you can help alleviate some of the problems with a healthy homemade hypoallergenic diet. Excessive combinations of meats, by-products and grains in prepared dog foods make selecting the right commercial food for dogs with food allergy nearly impossible. With so many foods available that do not provide the nutrients that a healthy pet needs, finding one that is suitable for dog with food allergies is even more difficult.


There are a number of symptoms that can come with dog food allergies, including excessive scratching, head shaking, foot and tail chewing, chronic ear infections, vomiting, flatulence, and diarrhea. In severe cases, some dogs even experience significant behavioral changes.


Diet has an enormous impact on your pet’s life. Dog skin diseases can be influenced by what he or she eats. Whether dog food allergies are the problem or something unrelated, a well balanced diet can prevent reactions and lessen the problem in your pet. Consult a veterinarian and learn about allergies in dogs. You may be surprised to find that the meals your pet eats could be contributing to the issue. Dog food allergies are a serious problem and you can help stop it by feeding consistent, adjusted homemade foods.

Finding out the cause of your dog allergies is very important. It allows you to put together a plan to lessen the likelihood for a reaction. A healthy diet can prevent dog food allergies as well as alleviate the symptoms of other types of allergies. Prevent the development of dog skin diseases as well by providing your pet with all the nutrients and vitamins he or she needs to live a long, comfortable life. 

We have compiled a number of nutritious homemade dog food recipes to help pet owners find the best choice for their four legged friends. Every ingredient is included so you can scrutinize nutritional value while feeding your pet only the freshest ingredients available. Daily feeding of homemade food is important because dog allergies are an ongoing health problem.  Your pet can lead a long, happy life with few allergic reactions when you help control the problem through diet.


Recipe 1

Venison back 475
Potato cooked with skin 500g
Canola oil 25g

Recipe 2

Duck 500g
Rice cooked 480g
Rice Bran 105g
Canola oil 10g



All homemade food recipes for sick dogs are provided as general information to help you understand and formulate healthy meals for your dog. Guidelines were used when creating each recipe and should also be reviewed by your veterinarian prior to changing your dog’s diet. Always consult a veterinarian before starting your dog on any new diet. Adjustments may need to be made to guarantee your pet receives the correct quantities of vitamins and minerals.






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