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Homemade dog food for dogs with liver disease

Dog food recipes for liver support

The liver is a vital part of the health of your dog. Unfortunately, it is also one of the most likely places for a serious problem to develop. In canines, the liver is responsible for a number of body functions, from storing, absorbing and processing nutrients to synthesis of protein and help in food digestion. Your pet’s diet has a strong impact on the progression of canine liver disease because it influences how many potentially harmful substances reach the liver.

When in good health, the canine liver can be a very resilient organ. However, the onset of disease will greatly diminish the liver’s ability to detoxify blood and remove waste from the body.  A veterinarian can determine through pathological tests whether your dog is suffering from canine liver disease.
If your pet is diagnosed with a disease of the liver, a healthy diet becomes even more vital. By managing his or her food intake, you are giving the liver the opportunity to fortify itself. Many veterinarians recommend a dog food liver disease treatment, such as Royal Canin’s Liver Support HP or Science Diet L/D, that are designed specifically for canine liver disease. While this is not the only solution for your pet’s condition, it can help improve it.

You may have heard about the benefits of homemade dog foods. However, upon doing research, the information for a homemade dog food liver disease eating plan is a rare find. This is mostly because many veterinarians recommend commercial foods due to their simplicity. They come prepackaged and require little preparation.

A homemade diet for canine liver disease should include a significant amount of good quality fat that will provide necessary energy. At the same time high quality but low quantity protein is vital to keep affected by the disease liver functioning strong. Always consult a professional before making a decision about this type of diet. Some types of liver disease require restricted fat intake, although they are rare.
If your dog suffers from canine liver disease, his or her diet should include 10% of high quality protein. The digestibility and quantity of the carbohydrates found in your pet’s food should also be considered. Calories taken from carbohydrates should not exceed 45%.  Zinc and potassium must also be included while copper should be avoided for dogs suffering from hepatic copper accumulation.

Supplement your dog food liver disease diet plan with vitamins C and E. No homemade diet should be served without these added sources of antioxidants. Vitamin K supplements might also be needed depending on your pet’s condition. You can create a homemade diet that will help your pet to deal with canine liver disease and promote good health through fresh ingredients and a nutritious menu.

Recipe 1

Chicken breast with skin 220g
Rice cooked 680g
Carrots boiled drained 60g
Wheat bran 20g
Canola oil 20g

Recipe 2

Beef minced meat 15% fat 100
Tofu 400g
Rice cooked 440g
Carrots (boiled, drained) 30g
Wheat bran 10g
Canola oil 20g



All homemade food recipes for sick dogs are provided as general information to help you understand and formulate healthy meals for your dog. Guidelines were used when creating each recipe and should also be reviewed by your veterinarian prior to changing your dog’s diet. Always consult a veterinarian before starting your dog on any new diet. Adjustments may need to be made to guarantee your pet receives the correct quantities of vitamins and minerals.






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