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Homemade dog food for dogs with diabetes

Recipes for dogs with diabetes

Diabetes mellitus is one of the most common endocrine diseases of dogs. In comparison to humans, diabetes in dogs is almost always type I diabetes. Dog diabetes type I caused by insufficient production of insulin by beta cells of the pancreas. Decrease production of insulin cause increase in blood glucose level. Because of the luck of the insulin produced by the pancreas, supplementation is important to maintain normal metabolic state of the body.

Management of dogs with diabetes involves insulin therapy, management of concurrent diseases or conditions and dietary modification. Regular insulin therapy and diet with the same ingredients and calorie content help to achieve good control of canine diabetes and improve quality of life of affected dogs.

It is common for dog with diabetes to have poor appetite or to refuse to eat prescribed food.  This is why many dog owners turn to homemade diet for dogs with diabetes. Ingredients are the most important part of proper nutrition. Dog owners should know important facts about ingredients they use for meal of dog with diabetes.

To prepare homemade diet for dogs with diabetes, recipe should be balanced, contain high quality protein and higher levels of fiber. Also the diet should be restricted in cholesterol and polysaturated fats.
Carbohydrate should be restricted. Digestibility of carbohydrates depends on physical form of it. Flour form of any carbohydrate is almost 100% digestible compared to grain form which in some cases is only 20% digestible. Rice cause postprandial spikes of glucose and should be avoided in homemade diets for dogs with diabetes. Barley produces minimal insulin stimulation and should be avoided as a carbohydrate source as well. Sweet potato, potato, whole-wheat pasta are acceptable sources of carbohydrates.

Pectin fiber should be used to balance food fiber content that should be around 3.5g per 100kcal.
It is very important to have sufficient amount of fiber. Owners should be comfortable with adding pectin to dog’s meal. 

Variety of proteins could be used; egg white is one of the best sources of protein and should be used often. Cottage cheese is another good example of quality protein with low cholesterol.
Do not forget to talk to your veterinarian before starting long-term homemade diet for dog with diabetes.

Recipe 1

Broccoli 50g
Carrots 100g
Tilapia 250g
Whole wheat pasta 100g
Rapeseed oil 14g
Pectin dry mix 5g

Recipe 2

Turkey breast no skin 80g
Cottage cheese low fat 100g
Cereals wheat bran, no salt, no sugar 100
Carrots (boiled drained) 10g
Broccoli 50g
Canola oil 14g

Foods reach in fiber, high in protein and low in starch that can be incorporated into the homemade food for dogs with diabetes:



All homemade food recipes for sick dogs are provided as general information to help you understand and formulate healthy meals for your dog. Guidelines were used when creating each recipe and should also be reviewed by your veterinarian prior to changing your dog’s diet. Always consult a veterinarian before starting your dog on any new diet. Adjustments may need to be made to guarantee your pet receives the correct quantities of vitamins and minerals.






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